Welcome to Lyzon’s

For over 62 years art collectors came to pore over the thousands of canvasses, etchings and sculptures lining the walls and tucked into every conceivable extra space in our gallery.

Our gallery displayed the works of Sterling Strauser, Phillip Perkins, Tommy Allen, Bill Sawyer and Kasimir. Red Groom’s first job was at Lyzon’s in the 1950s and his first show was displayed in our gallery with the work of high school mate Walter Knestrick. So it was with many others as well, including the neo-Impressionist Malva; folk sculptor William Edmondson; the American Van Gogh, David Burliuk; and Paul Lancaster whose gemstone-tinted etchings and painted wood carvings made their way into international collections and the White House.

The product of 62 years of discriminating taste, the Lyzon name still stands as one of Nashville’s most singular institutions-both within and outside of the art scene.

As the art scene has evolved, the Lyzon collection has since moved entirely online, where our reach can extend far beyond the doors of our old gallery. We welcome you to peruse our website and contact us with any inquiries you may have.